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I have started the research for my 6th Century Kentish Anglo-Saxon outfit from the skin out for the Hordweard. At this stage I have gone for a scatter gun approach. I collected the two main books that I have for Anglo Saxon garb and then started researching on the internet for more resources. Most of these have come through in the form of Archaeological Reports from graves in and around the Kent area. At this stage I have not sorted through the different articles that I have found to see what are relevant to me and what are not but I think the majority of them should be relevant.

I have used key terms such as 6th Century, Kent, Anglo Saxon, graves and then depending upon what I am looking for I have added in extra key words such as tablet weaving, broaches, beads, shoes etc.

The books that I have that will form the back bone of my research are;

Walton Rogers, P. 2007 'Cloth and Clothing in Early Anglo-Saxon England' Council for British Archaeology, York, UK

Owen-Crocker, G. 2004 'Dress in Anglo-Saxon England' The Boydell Press, Woodbridge UK

At this stage the articles that I have found that will probably flesh out the rest of my research include;

Crowfoot, E. and Hawkers, S. C. 1967 'Early Anglo-Saxon Gold Braids' Oxford University Institute of Archaeology UK. (Accessed 17/07/2011)

Chadwick, S. E. 1958 'The Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Finglesham, Kent: a Reconsideration' Medieval Archaeology 2. 1-59 (Accessed 12/07/2011)

Davidson, H.R.E. and Webster, L. 1967. 'The Anglo-Saxon burial at Coombe (Woodnesborough), Kent.' Medieval Archaeology 11, 1–41. (Accessed 13/07/2011)

Huggett, J W, 1988 Imported Grave Goods and the Early. Anglo-Saxon Economy, Medieval Archaeol 32, 63-97. (Accessed 13/07/2011)

Richardson, A. 2009 'Anglo Saxon Brooches' (Accessed 12/07/2011)

Riddler,I. Cameron, E and Marzinzik, S. 2006 'Early Anglo-Saxon personal equipment and structural ironwork from Saltwood Tunnel, Kent' CTRL Specialist Report Series, London UK (Accessed 18/07/2011)

Walton Rogers, P. 2006 'Early Anglo-Saxon costume and textiles from Saltwood Tunnel, Kent' CTRL Specialist Report Series, London and Continental Railways. (Accessed 18/07/2011)

Walton Rogers, P. Henig, M, Hirst, S, and Marzinzik, S, 2006 'Early Anglo-Saxon dress accessories from Saltwood Tunnel, Kent' CTRL Specialist Report Series, London and Continental Railways (Accessed 12/07/2011)

Walton Rogers, P. and Riddler, I. 2006 'Early Anglo-Saxon textile manufacturing implements from Saltwood Tunnel, Kent' CTRL Specialist Report Series, London and Continental Railways (Accessed 18/07/2011)

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At September 7, 2011 at 3:46 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Caristona,

Leoba from Mordenvale here. If you have access to Sydney Uni, they have the archaeological reports of Mill Hill and Buckland cemetaries - probably highly useful to you.

Nice to know there's someone else doing C6 Anglo-Saxon... mine is to be based on Butler's Field Gloucester.

At October 25, 2011 at 11:35 PM , Blogger Caristiona said...

Hey Leoba,
I am sorry that I didn't respond to this earlier. I had not realised that you had put up a comment.
Thank you for the information about the Mill Hill and Buckland Cemetaries they are certainly some of the ones that I want to follow up so I will go and have a look at them at some stage.

I look forward to seeing what your outfit looks like. If I can help you out in any way please let me know.


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